Calcium L-Methyl Folate


Calcium L-methylfolate, an interesting offering in Index Pharma’s pharmaceutical offerings. It is a bioavailable form of folate essential for numerous biological processes. Chemically known as (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid calcium salt, it stands out for its superior absorption, making it a preferred choice in nutritional supplementation.

Utilised in formulations such as tablets and capsules, Calcium L-methylfolate serves as a crucial supplement to address folate deficiencies and support various health needs. It plays a pivotal role in DNA synthesis, red blood cell formation, and overall cellular function.

The benefits of Calcium L-methylfolate extend beyond nutritional support, including improved mood and cognitive function. It is particularly beneficial for pregnant women and those with MTHFR gene mutations that affect folate metabolism.

Users should be cautious regarding potential interactions with certain medications, and adherence to recommended dosages is crucial. Calcium L-methylfolate is an ideal choice to address deficiencies caused by inadequate dietary intake or malabsorption issues.

Explore the diverse applications and benefits of Calcium L-methylfolate confidently, knowing that Index Pharma prioritises the delivery of top-quality pharmaceuticals. Trust our expertise for advanced nutritional solutions, and choose Index Pharma for superior Calcium L-methylfolate formulations.

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